Fasteners, Plates & Term Bars

Contractor checking fastener plates on the insulation boards on a commercial building.

For all your Commercial Fastening needs Commercial Distribution Specialists carries what you need.

Commercial Distribution Specialists carries every product needed for fastening your commercial materials. Whether you need screws to fasten metal roofing or plates for an even distribution of loads. We even carry termination bars to secure and seal roof membranes.

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Some of the Products We Carry

Commercial Fasteners

At CDS we carry fasteners for all types of roofing. Whether you need Fasteners for securing insulation to corrugated steel or glass-reinforced nylon fasteners we have what you need.

Visit a CDS branch today to speak with a team member and learn more about everything we carry. 

Contractor drilling a fastener into a membrane using a fastener plate.
Insulation board with fastener plates and fasteners drilled in.

Fastener Plates

We also carry a wide range of Fastener Plates to go with your Fasteners. If you need to have an even distribution of load while on the job, take a look at our range of Fastener Plates.

Come visit a CDS branch today to learn more about what we offer.

Termination Bars

If you are working with membranes you’ll need a Termination Bar to support the vertical sections. Termination Bars are a high strength, plastic or metal strip specifically designed to support vertical membrane systems.

At CDS we carry a wide variety of Termination Bars. Visit a branch today to learn more.

Termination bar holding up a black roof membrane.
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