Contractors placing GAF Insulation boards on a commercial roof.

For all your Commercial Insulation needs Commercial Distribution Specialists carries what you need.

Whether you need Polyiso Insulation or High Density Coverboards for your commercial roofing job. Commercial Distribution Specialists has what you need.

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*Images Provided by GAF

Polyiso Insulation

Polyisocyanurate, or Polyiso, insulation is currently the most popular choice for both commercial roofing and wall insulation. With the highest R-Value, or thermal resistance, per inch of all commonly used insulation products, it’s no wonder why Polyiso is the most popular choice for commercial contractors.

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Contractor laying down a GAF Polyiso Insulation board.
High Density Coverboards

High Density Coverboards

High-Density Polyiso Roof Coverboards are an important component in low-slope commercial roofing. While applying membrane roofing systems you will need a coverboard to attach your membrane and enhance the durability of the commercial roof systems. Coverboards protect the underlying insulation.

If you would like to know more about High Density Coverboards and what we offer, come visit a CDS branch today to learn more.

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